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The UK four-day week report from Autonomy has detailed the full findings of the world’s largest four-day working week trial to date, comprising 61 companies and around 2,900 workers, that took place in the UK from June to December 2022.


The trial was a resounding success. Of the 61 companies that participated, 56 are continuing with the four-day week (92%), with 18 confirming the policy is a permanent change.

Charlotte Lockhart, 4 Day Week Global Co-Founder and Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted to add these overwhelmingly positive results to our ever-growing evidence base in favour of reduced-hour, output-focused working. Not only do these findings demonstrate that the UK pilot programme was a resounding success, but it is encouraging to note that they largely mirror the outcomes from our earlier trials in Ireland and the US, further strengthening the arguments for a four-day week.”

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has praised the government for launching an energy efficiency taskforce charged with driving investment in improving the performance of buildings. 

Co-chaired by leading banker Alison Rose and energy security and net zero minister Lord Callanan, the taskforce will devise a plan to cut energy consumption in domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings by 15% by 2030 compared with 2021 levels. 

“Addressing the climate crisis is a team sport and building vital partnerships between the public and private sector is the key to tackling this challenge at pace,” said Rose, who is chief executive of NatWest. “Improving energy efficiency will not only drive a lower carbon environment, but also deliver greater economic security through lower bills for people, families, and businesses.” 

Sparta Global has released a report highlighting how neurodiverse people bring in-demand perspectives to technology, but are not being supported and empowered across employment. The 2023 EqualTech report has been curated from a survey of 500 senior and C-suite individuals working in organisations across almost every industry sector.

The digital skills gap in the UK continues to present significant challenges for UK employers and the wider economy. The research indicates that when companies attract and retain neuro-inclusive digital teams, they are more likely to gain and sustain a competitive advantage across areas such as; computational thinking, observation, adaptability and intuition. Positively, 87% of digital leaders surveyed in our research believe that neurodiversity will be a top priority for their companies in 2023 and 54% stated that Covid-19 accelerated conversations around commitment to neurodiversity.

Finally, contract caterer Elior UK’s campaign aims to elevate social value awareness and unite efforts into a companywide focus with one vision: to deliver 28,835 days of social value by 2025.

The company’s Lifetime of Enrichment campaign aims to create a lifetime of social value that impacts every stage of life – mirroring its catering business and areas of activity. It has a target to deliver 28,835 days of social value in the next three years – reflecting the average number of days in a lifetime. Aligned with its established Social Value policy, the Lifetime of Enrichment programme will encompass social, environment and economic values.

Director of CSR and wellness Charlotte Wright said: “The Lifetime of Enrichment  campaign defines Elior UK’s coordinated approach to taking account of the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our actions and working together to make a positive difference. Importantly, it aligns everyone in pursuit of one vision.”

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