Leading by Example: IWFM Charity Ball Partners with Neutral Carbon Zone for a Carbon-Conscious Summer Event

In a move towards sustainability, the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) North’s Charity Ball has taken a pioneering step with their summer event; committing to make it a carbon conscious one.

Lee Cooper and the IWFM North Committee, will be bringing together over 300 workplace and facilities management (FM) professionals on Thursday 4th July, for a night of networking, celebration, and entertainment. Not only will they be raising money for the charity Hull 4 Heroes and the IWFM Chair’s charity Mind, but they’ll be doing so with consideration for our environment.

FM is an industry focused around managing built environments and operational efficiencies, therefore, IWFM’s commitment to our climate is incredibly important. Moving from traditional towards a more holistic approach, integrating responsible business practices and demonstrating that sustainability is not just a buzzword. It is time for all FM stakeholders to properly embrace it.


By choosing to work with Neutral Carbon Zone (NCZ), IWFM show their commitment to credibility and transparency. Obtaining independent verification from NCZ guarantees that internationally recognised calculation and reporting standards have been met, and industry best practice processes have been followed in understanding the impact of the ball.

NCZ will work with event organisers and attendees to meticulously collate data to assess the carbon footprint across all scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Including all venue operations, attendee transportation, food and beverage consumption, as well as all other event-related activities. This data will then be used to assess the total environmental impact, create an independently verified report, and establish a baseline, from which reduction strategies can be implemented.

Taking this significant step on the journey towards environmental responsibility, IWFM North are showing that impactful change is possible, inspiring others to follow suit. Illustrating, that by embracing responsibility, seizing opportunities for transformation, and fostering collaboration we can collectively navigate towards a greener future.

If you’re interested in making your event carbon conscious, or attending the IWFM Charity Ball, contact NCZ now… gozero@neutralcarbonzone.com

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