Partnership confirmed with Ethiopian sustainable period charity

Facilities services provider Pareto has partnered with Mela For Her to raise awareness of the social enterprise and the opportunity for eco-friendly period products.

It is a social start-up enterprise that transforms women and girls’ lives across Ethiopia by providing them with access to affordable and re-usable eco-friendly menstrual products, menstrual health education, and training providing job opportunities and support to their communities. As part of the partnership, the company purchased 250 of the re-usable sanitary packs that were distributed to team members and clients. 

Social impact director Emma Wilson commented: “I have been inspired by the social enterprise for some time and I am delighted we’ve been able to support them in a small way. Not only does this partnership emphasis the incredible work Mela do on a day-to-day basis in Ethiopia, but it also raises awareness of important period related issues. Even further than that, it shows us a way to a sustainable and eco-friendly future for period related products. We are now excited to take this opportunity wider with our client base and offer branded packs that we hope will continue to support the social enterprise even further. We are grateful for their partnership”.


Those wishing to try a free pack of the Mela reusable sanitary pads are invited to email:

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