St Katherines Dock awards chiller replacement deal

Hard services provider Ergro has secured a new chiller replacement contract at offices within Thomas More Square, St Katherines Dock, London.

This followed the successful completion of a competitive tender process and will see the company renewing its relationship with technical consultant Property Advisory Services to deliver an extensive scope of works.

In addition to the validation of existing chilled water pumps, chiller power supplies and chilled water quality, the project will also include road closure, traffic and crane lift management.


The main part of the works will include the replacement of two existing Carrier 1250kW chillers, local isolation valves and components to the chilled water system. Thermal insulation will also be fitted to any new or altered pipework.

Due to the restricted amount of space within the chiller compound, the company has produced comprehensive and detailed CAD coordination drawings, enabling it to ensure that the new chillers and equipment fit within the existing space.

Another challenge to overcome is that the existing items are fed via dual power supplies, which must be replicated within the manufacture of the two new chillers.

Taking place from September to November, the company states that the on-site office building will remain operational throughout, requiring carefully considered strategic phasing of the programme to ensure minimum disruption.

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