Install: Azolla’s Innovative IoT Solution Enhances Patient Welfare and Regulatory Compliance in Healthcare

The post-Covid era has brought forth unprecedented challenges in Healthcare Facilities Management that demand a delicate balance between ensuring patient welfare, compliance with strict regulations, and optimizing operational efficiency. Recognizing the complex nature of these responsibilities, Azolla, a pioneer in IoT software for healthcare, has introduced a game-changing solution that leverages technology to address these critical concerns.

Azolla’s IoT software empowers Facilities Managers to manage both hard and soft services seamlessly. With the ability to risk-assess every job, plan contractor visits, and efficiently store service reports, Azolla ensures that patient well-being remains at the forefront of every decision made.

One of the key features of Azolla’s software is its ability to issue permits for work to contractors while simultaneously checking their insurance details through the Supplier Management module. This ensures that contractors are qualified and insured, reducing potential liabilities for the healthcare facility.


Moreover, Azolla integrates sensor technology to provide real-time monitoring of healthcare facilities, revolutionizing how healthcare spaces are managed. Here are some of the key functionalities of Azolla’s IoT software:

Scheduling & IoT: Facilities Managers can now create precise schedules for maintenance and services, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

On Demand Cleaning: The software allows for on-demand cleaning, enabling healthcare facilities to maintain high hygiene standards and notify hygiene teams remotely when needed.

Legionella Control: Azolla’s IoT solution monitors water temperatures, reducing the risk of Legionella contamination, a crucial concern in healthcare settings.

Energy Monitoring: The software offers real-time energy monitoring, helping Facilities Managers identify opportunities for energy conservation and cost reduction.

Occupancy Levels: Azolla’s technology tracks occupancy levels within healthcare facilities, enabling more efficient resource allocation and space utilization.

Room/Space Temperatures: The software ensures that room and space temperatures are maintained within optimal ranges for patient comfort and well-being.

Another innovative aspect of Azolla’s solution is its CO2 monitoring, which aids in reducing potential sources of infection. Furthermore, paper and towel sensors in toilet areas promote heightened hygiene levels, helping to mitigate the spread of illnesses.

Recent Installation in the Mater Private Hospital

In a significant development, one of Ireland’s most renowned hospitals, the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, has recently embraced Azolla’s IoT solution to enhance its healthcare facilities management. This state-of-the-art installation demonstrates the growing recognition of the transformative power of IoT technology in healthcare settings.

The Mater Private Hospital, a prestigious institution known for its commitment to patient care and safety, has integrated Azolla’s IoT software to improve its management of hard and soft services, streamline contractor interactions, and ensure that patient welfare is at the core of its operations.

Azolla’s IoT technology allow the Mater Private Hospital to stay on top of environmental conditions, such as room temperatures and air quality, contributing to a safer and more comfortable patient experience.

This installation underscores the growing adoption of IoT software in healthcare facilities across the world and showcases how innovative technology can support healthcare providers in delivering the highest standards of care and safety in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. The Mater Private Hospital’s decision to implement Azolla’s IoT software is a testament to the vital role technology plays in addressing the complex challenges faced by healthcare facilities today.

If you are operating in the healthcare sector and are looking to improve your FM with an Innovative IoT Solution that Enhances Patient Welfare and Regulatory Compliance, contact the Azolla Team.

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