Revolutionising Facilities Management: Azolla’s Sustainable Success Story with Acacia.

Acacia Facilities Management, a prominent independent outsourced FM service provider, has achieved remarkable results through the implementation of Azolla, a comprehensive Facilities Management software. Their commitment to sustainability and innovative use of technology have propelled them to a leading position in the industry.

Acacia’s Technical Services department, renowned for their highly skilled engineers and technicians, faced significant challenges in managing a vast client base and multiple locations. These challenges included resource allocation, job management, building management, manual processes, lack of data insights, and inefficient coordination. As a result, Acacia experienced increased costs, higher environmental impact, and decreased productivity.

The solution to these challenges came in the form of Azolla’s Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system, integrated with IoT and Asset Management features. Acacia collaborated closely with Azolla to tailor the software to their unique needs, resulting in time-saving features for all clients. Acacia engineers efficiently manage planned and reactive maintenance activities using Azolla, while technicians access work orders through a mobile app, ensuring real-time tracking and adherence to service level agreements.


The implementation of comprehensive Facilities Management software has brought numerous benefits to Acacia and their clients. These benefits include:

  • improved resource management,
  • streamlined work order management,
  • enhanced operational efficiency,
  • valuable insights through data analytics.

Azolla also supports coordination, compliance tracking, and sustainability initiatives, helping Acacia reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

The Voice of the Customer, represented by Karen Kelly, head of the Account Management Department, expressed their satisfaction with the transformative impact of Azolla. They highlighted significant cost savings, a 25% reduction in energy costs, a boost in employee engagement and productivity, 100% compliance, innovative services, increased client retention, and a strong reputation for eco-friendly facilities management.

Acacia’s partnership with Azolla, focused on innovation, compliance, and long-term sustainability. The goal was to solidify their position as responsible leaders in the industry, delivering value to clients, employees, and the environment.

With a data-driven approach, Acacia Facilities Management is equipped to proactively address future challenges, enhance decision-making, and drive sustainable practices. Azolla’s tools provide end-to-end visibility of work, reduce energy costs, and free up engineering time for more critical issues.

Azolla’s software has empowered Acacia Facilities Management to streamline operations, reduce costs, and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, all while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. This partnership is poised to make a lasting impact on clients, employees, and the environment.

If you are a facilities management company and would like to add more than a CAFM solution to facilities management operations. Talk to the Azolla team here:

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