Vertas provides free transport for Wolsey 550 Creative Careers event

Vertas was pleased to offer its support and provide free transport for students attending a recent Creative Careers event at Dance East, part of the Thomas Wolsey 550 project.

The Wolsey 550 initiative, managed by a partnership between Ipswich Central, Ipswich Borough Council, and Suffolk Archives, aims to spark the creativity of young people up to age 25. Vertas is keen to support the local community where possible. In this case, the company was pleased to engage its fleet team to transport students to a recent careers event at Dance East.

Thomas Wolsey 550 is a major heritage and education project that aims to create enriching opportunities for the local youth. Vertas is delighted to support this initiative, recognising the importance of offering diverse career paths, particularly in the arts.


For the 104 students travelling with Vertas to the event, the day was filled with a series of workshops. The sessions aimed to introduce young minds to the opportunities within the creative industries – a sector often overlooked by traditional career programs.

Vertas is aware of the integral role it plays in supporting education and career development across Suffolk and takes great pride in this responsibility. Subsequently, the company is happy to contribute resources to initiatives like the Creative Careers event.

When asked to provide transport for the initiative, Vertas was happy to oblige, picking up students directly from their local schools. This enables Ipswich’s young people to benefit from the incredible opportunities, ensuring transportation costs are not a limiting factor.

As a company committed to supporting the local community, Vertas believes fostering the growth and aspirations of the next generation should be a collective effort. Providing accessible transport is a natural extension of the Group’s core value of partnership, and the company are keen to work collectively alongside the Wolsey 550 project.

Furthermore, supporting the project exemplifies the company’s ability to be agile. Although providing transport for events in such circumstances is not typically one of its services, Vertas takes pride in its ability to respond effectively to meet its customers’ needs.

Lee Howes, Head of Fleet and Passenger Transport, said: “We are delighted to work in partnership with the Wolsey 550 project and provide free transport to the Creative Careers Event. Ensuring all young people have access to these valuable opportunities aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting the local community. We hope that with our support, Ipswich’s young people will be inspired to explore opportunities in the creative industries that they might not have previously considered.”

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