Introducing FM Director

With the launch of FM Director magazine scheduled for next month, the team is now focused on engaging with all those in the FM sector to ensure that as many areas as possible of our extensive industry are represented.

The main features up to the end of the year have been agreed and will be published in our newsletter this week, including the requirements for comments and deadlines, and these will be further complemented by interviews with leading industry personnel, case studies, special features and supplements within each issue.

Our intention is to create a unique brand for the FM industry that will prove to be a driver of business for our subscribers, sponsors and advertisers and a force for good that will promote and celebrate all the many excellent areas of our sector.


Many of those reading this will know me from my previous industry involvement and I’ll be happy to both continue relationships and create new ones, please feel free to contact me at any time by emailing in the first instance.

There is already an extensive list of opportunities for engagement with FM Director magazine and these will continue to be added to in the weeks and months ahead.

I’ll look forward to hearing from and working with everyone with the aim of creating further additional benefits for our industry in the future.

Dennis Flower

Managing editor

FM Business Daily


Mobile: 07754 551 227

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