OCS’s sustainable makeover of Lakeview Café in partnership with RAW

Angel Hill, the catering arm of OCS, is pleased to have assisted Worcestershire County Council in rejuvenating one of its establishments, Lakeview Café, through a sustainable approach to refurbishment. 

With a mission to make people and places the best they can be, we continually seek innovative methods to advance sustainability and social enterprise in all our operations. Upon discovering the commendable work of RAW, we immediately recognised the tremendous value they bring. 

RAW is a compelling initiative that places dedication to sustainability and social value at the core of its operations. As a furniture-making and woodworking organisation, they identified and actively addressed the waste generated by the industry, while simultaneously empowering individuals. To date, they have generated over 50,000 hours of social impact and have collected 715.5 tonnes of reclaimed wood. Three-quarters of RAW’s workforce have come from diverse backgrounds, including individuals with histories of offending behaviour, addiction, or homelessness, demonstrating that excellence knows no bounds.


In collaboration with RAW, we initiated a plan to refurbish the cafe’s interior using pre-used furniture. Our partnership ensured that the cafe did not compromise on quality or aesthetic branding benefits. All 80 chairs utilised in the refurbishment were from the previous cafe. Approximately half of the tables were recycled, sandblasted, and repainted, leaving no room for wastage. Additionally, the refurbishment featured tables made from recycled plastic, transforming bottles and waste plastic into functional pieces. 

The outcome is a visually appealing environment with a unified design, providing the local community with a space to connect, relax, and savour nourishing food. They can rest assured that their local council, in collaboration with OCS, is consistently working towards environmentally friendly solutions and empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, thereby avoiding further harm to the environment. 

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