The Empro Journey

Insight from Empro’s Emma Armstrong

Empro Business Group is a female-led, boutique consultancy based in the heart of Birmingham, specialising in strategic consultancy, talent and next-gen tech solutions.

Led by Emma Armstrong, the award-winning team has taken the industry by storm, with their bespoke approaches and commitment to excellence. Emma’s leadership has been nothing short of extraordinary, after growing the business despite a long hospitalisation and recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome in late 2022.


Emma’s determination and resilience meant that she returned to work in early 2023, and started a momentum that would see Empro make waves in the industry, and become a source of inspiration for women and young people in the FM sector.

2023 was an incredibly successful year for Empro including, significant expansion of the team, splitting the business into 3 entities, securing a new office space and even winning the Start-Up of the year award with Forward Ladies.

Fast forward to 2024, and the Empro momentum shows no signs of slowing. With many new and exciting projects in the works, the team are revolutionising the way that Empro does business, and crafting new and innovative tools that are designed with their clients in mind.

This week, Empro have launched their new website, and unveiled their new branding, showcasing the bold, vibrant nature of the organisation, and the specialised services that are available to clients.

Empro Talent

As experts in talent acquisition in the built environment, Empro Talent specialises in attracting, retaining and developing talent that enhances and supports their clients’ growth, whilst supporting their candidate’s professional endeavours.

Specialising in niche roles within the Facilities Management sector, Empro has successfully supported its clients by finding exceptional professionals for hard-to-fill roles, emphasising their dedication to quality, speed and service excellence.

 â€śReally personable, knowledgeable and driven team. Made my experience through the recruitment and onboarding process smooth and effortless. A pleasure to work with!”.

Empro currently has a number of fantastic open opportunities. Their dedicated talent team are on hand to support the professional goals of clients and candidates alike!

View all open vacancies here

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