How you can help shape the landscape of health and safety in procurement

Eleanor Eaton, Chair of Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP), provides valuable insight into the significance of Supporter Membership and the transformative impact it can have on the landscape of procurement.

Supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP) was founded in response to the Government’s call to accelerate the SME economic engine through transparent, simple, and strategic procurement.

The organisation aims to streamline health and safety prequalification while fostering mutual recognition between its Member Schemes. These schemes, comprising over 50 organisations, adhere to the stringent SSIP Core Criteria aligned with the Government-backed construction pre-qualification document, PAS 91.


Public and private sector clients often require contractors to undergo health and safety competence assessments at the prequalification stage. This repetitive process incurs both time and cost, prompting the need for a more efficient approach. SSIP addresses this by operating a Deem to Satisfy (DtS) agreement through its certified list of Member Schemes, promoting mutual recognition and eliminating potential duplication.

SSIP Supporter Members are building a safer future

In a bid to further enhance health and safety competence in procurement, SSIP extends Supporter Membership to expert parties or organisations capable of contributing significantly to the cause. Notable Supporter Members include the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Telford Homes, Multiplex, and many others, forming a collective dedicated to promoting, improving, and enhancing health and safety standards within the industry.

Telford Homes, a leading London-focused developer, attests to the significance of SSIP certification in ensuring the safety of their employees and supply chain:

“Ensuring the safety of our employees and our supply chain whilst constructing our developments is our highest priority. By stipulating that our delivery partners hold an SSIP certification gives us surety that our supply chain understands their own responsibilities in working in a safe manner, considering the safety and welfare of those that come to work on our developments. As all SSIP Member schemes are audited to the same requirements, we accept any of the accreditation schemes’ assessing bodies certificates; comfortable in the knowledge that the award of such a certificate provides evidence and commitment to complying with all health and safety legislations.”

Despite the significant impact SSIP has had over the past 13 years, there remains a need to raise awareness about the benefits it offers. SSIP has saved buyers hundreds of millions of pounds by removing the duplication of health and safety assessments, a fact that underlines the importance of wider industry adoption.

The Role of SSIP Supporter Members

Supporter Members are instrumental in SSIP’s awareness campaign, actively encouraging their supply chain partners through annual assessments with an SSIP Member Scheme. Their commitment materialises in attending at least one Full Forum Meeting yearly, which gives an opportunity to shape the trajectory of health and safety standards in procurement.

Being a Supporter Member signifies a commitment to SSIP as an industry standard and facilitating cost-effective procurement. These industry leaders provide specialist advice and ensure their members have a voice in prequalification standards development. Further perks include full access to the SSIP portal, use of the Supporter Membership logo, and recognition on SSIP platforms, solidifying their role as vital contributors to industry advancement.

Supporter Membership is free of charge and available to apply online:

SSIP’s Supporter Membership is not just a badge of commitment; it is a strategic alliance that goes beyond certification. It is a community of industry leaders dedicated to elevating health and safety standards in procurement practices.

As SSIP continues to shape the landscape of health and safety in procurement, the Supporter Member Scheme stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit that propels the industry towards a safer, more efficient future.

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