Infogrid launches Smart Cleaning Pro, a first-of-its-kind solution that brings to life seamless, data-driven commercial cleaning operations

Infogrid, a leader in smart building data and technology, today announces the launch of Smart Cleaning Pro, an innovative tech solution designed to make commercial cleaning more efficient, proactive, and sustainable. 

The first-of-its-kind product was built from the ground up to address the longstanding challenges of aligning facilities management and cleaning services with building usage, all of which have been intensified by the era of hybrid working. These challenges range from mounting vacancies to increased operating costs and the rise of unpredictable space usage. It’s estimated that by 2028, cleaning costs alone are set to rise by at least 28%

Designed to help customers understand fluctuating occupancy patterns, made all the more unpredictable by hybrid working, Smart Cleaning Pro uses proprietary IoT sensors that detect when cleaning is needed and automate the creation of usage-based tasks, efficiently directing cleaners to spaces that need attention and delivering significant gains in team productivity.

An interactive system of wearable devices and LED wayfinding helps cleaners identify high-occupancy areas and automatically logs attendance at a cleaning site, creating a hands-free digital audit trail. Cleaning teams can then use Smart Cleaning Pro’s cloud-based management platform to monitor and validate service delivery and leverage Infogrid’s expertise in data analytics though powerful reporting tools. These innovations save time, increase customer satisfaction and transparency, and enable providers to optimise operations without compromising on service quality.  


Key features of Smart Cleaning Pro include:

  • Seamless Data Collection: Using proprietary IoT hardware, Smart Cleaning Pro captures real-time data on space usage, allowing cleaning teams to tailor operations to specific areas and optimise resources. 
  • Interactive Wayfinding: The platform leverages interactive LED wayfinding to guide cleaning teams through buildings and indicate areas that need cleaning. The hardware responds to the presence of a wearable fob and will flash a different colour based on low or high occupant usage, visually signalling whether a space needs to be cleaned. 
  • Attendance and Dwell Time Tracking: Smart Cleaning Pro uses intelligent sensors that detect when cleaners are servicing a space. The product will automatically log that a space has been cleaned, close any cleaning tasks, and create a digital audit trail that can be used to validate a job well done – all without cleaners needing to log into software or apps. 
  • Automated Task Management: Intelligent automated task creation and closing enables teams to save time on the management of cleaning tasks, ensuring that every job is completed to the highest standards while reducing hours spent on administrative work. 
  • Space Usage Mapping: Smart Cleaning Pro offers at-a-glance maps to visualise daily and weekly space usage and understand occupant behaviours. Users can leverage these insights to inform contract discussions and position managers as strategic advisors with a deep understanding of occupancy patterns and cleaning needs. 
  • Dynamic Predictive Cleaning: By analysing space usage trends, Smart Cleaning Pro enables cleaning managers to proactively adjust schedules and allocate resources, enhancing operational efficiency.

“At Infogrid, we recognise the crucial role that cleaning plays in maintaining healthy and productive commercial spaces,” said Kate Henningsen, CEO of Infogrid. “Smart Cleaning Pro is the culmination of years of industry collaboration and concerted research and development. We are proud to introduce a completely new and reimagined solution that enables customers to operate more efficiently and sustainably – and with greater insight and visibility – all of which represent the future of the industry.” 

“Softbank Robotics aims to empower customers to operate at the forefront of innovation,” 

added Jesper Christensen, Vice President of Product Management and Customer Success

Sales and Marketing EMEA at Softbank Robotics. “We are excited to be able to offer Infogrid Smart Cleaning Pro as part of our SmartBX offering, which brings together people, robotics, AI, IoT, and automation to deliver truly intelligent cleaning solutions.” 

“SmartBX revolutionises and digitises facility management through integrating cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights using SoftBank’s technology ownership, expertise and investment capabilities to deliver unparalleled building experiences, operational efficiency and employee engagement. By harnessing the power of data and technology, we believe that cleaning operations can not only become more precise and efficient but also more sustainable and customer-centric, ultimately leading to healthier, cleaner, and more productive spaces.”  

“Our partnership with Infogrid allows us to capture real-time cleaning data, enabling precise resource allocation and smarter decision-making, advancing our vision and helping us revolutionise the way services teams work – pioneering the future of facility management and cleaning.”

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