Digital Twin in the Building Stock: Real Estate Manager BENO relies on dTwin by the Nemetschek Group

The industrial real estate manager and developer BENO Holding AG has opted for dTwin from Nemetschek. dTwin is the innovative platform for networked and visual intelligence and visual analytics for buildings. The solution bridges the gap between planning, construction and operation and enables building managers to make better, data-driven decisions. The aim of BENO is to create digital twins of all existing buildings in the portfolio and thus to take their management to a new level.

BENO Holding AG, based in Munich, owns, manages and rents out light industrial real estate throughout Germany. These are warehouse and logistics properties that contain additional space for production or offices. BENO’s aim is to maintain existing buildings and transform them to meet the needs of their tenants. Most of the buildings in BENO’s portfolio were built before the year 2000, so the data situation is correspondingly very analog. “Due to the age of our buildings, it is often difficult to determine certain parameters. However, these are absolutely essential for conversions or new lettings,” says Michael Bussmann, CEO of BENO Holding AG.

The use of dTwin enables BENO Holding to create complete digital twins. In addition to the digitalisation of all building information, this brings a wide range of economic and ecological benefits such as virtual tours, more efficient planning and execution of conversions, improved data analysis, for example in fire protection, optimised resource management and simpler maintenance and servicing.


“We see ourselves as a pioneer in the digitalisation of operational real estate and are constantly working to improve collaborative processes. This saves us time and, in particular, reduces CO2 emissions. This is where dTwin fits perfectly into our corporate philosophy. We are convinced that dTwin will help us to further drive forward the transformation of our buildings and take building management to a new level. This will benefit everyone involved, especially our tenants,” says Michael Bussmann.

In dTwin, all existing models of a building can be collected and visualised on a single platform and supplemented with laser scans and panoramic photos. This creates walk-through models in which the condition of a building can be called up at any time using real-time data from IoT sensors. The digital twin can thus be used for virtual inspections or the optimisation of energy management, for example. 

“We are delighted that BENO has decided to use dTwin. Michael Bussmann and his team have a clear idea of what they expect from a Digital Twin and have worked with us to create the best possible setup. Since every building is different and every operator has different needs, it was important for us to define dTwin optimally for the requirements of the BENO Group and to set it up in such a way that it can be easily adapted to different scenarios,” says César Flores Rodríguez, Chief Division Officer Planning & Design and Digital Twin at the Nemetschek Group. “The cooperation with BENO shows that we have succeeded in this. We are also gaining valuable insights into the further development of dTwin in order to increase its benefits even further. We are convinced that everyone involved will benefit from this close cooperation.” 

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